The great state of Rhode Island is composed of many forests. Fifty-nine percent of the total land area of Rhode Island is covered by forests. As a result, the state is popular in the country thanks to the scenic backdrops produced by the combination of amazing landscapes and lush forests. The forests are able to provide coverage needs including ideal backdrops for homes.

But what kind of trees grow in Rhode Island? Here are some of them.

Tree Facts in Rhode Island

Fun fact #1: Did you know that Rhode Island is flush with a variety of softwood and hardwood trees? Rhode Island’s forests are full of softwood and hardwood trees such as Eastern white pine, red maple, Northern red oak, white oak, black oak, scarlet oak, yellow birch, sweet birch, blackgum, and black cherry.

As of today, red maple is estimated to number around 80 million, eastern white pine around 20 million, scarlet oak around 13-15 million, while the rest of the trees are hovering below 10 million in numbers.

Fun fact# 2: Out of all these trees, red maple is common and is also Rhode Island’s state tree. Red maple trees are seen all throughout the state including around large cities such as Warwick, RI.

Fun fact#3: Did you know that Rhode Island is covered by up to 90% of forests 300 years ago? Rhode Island, along with other New England states, is covered mostly by thick forests before the European colonizers came to our country.

Fun fact #4: The forests of Rhode Island is also home to diverse wildlife. Red maple seeds provide a good source of food for wildlife while its trees provide a good habitat for them.

Fun fact#5: Did you also know that because of its lush forests and landscapes, Rhode Island is home to a number of beautiful national and state parks? The Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park, in particular, houses beautiful wildlife areas and scenic landscapes.

Fun fact #6: Rhode Island is also famous for its hiking trails that span throughout the state. It has different hiking trails that run through beautiful forests, scenic landscapes, and amazing coastlines in the state.

As of today though, Rhode Island’s forests are decreasing gradually. The forests now only cover 59% of the state’s total land area which is a growing concern for the citizens of Rhode Island. The state government is working really hard though to prevent its forests from decreasing and preserve them instead for future generations.